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more digital photos with an analog soul





my cheating heart

I love my plastic cameras, but being a 21st century girl, it’s hard to resist the temptation of immediate gratification. When I got my iPhone this past fall, the first application I purchased was the Hipstamatic. Terrible, I know, but I am only human… Here are a few snaps:

Ilford B&W Pics, Diana F+ Aviator

Some pics taken in late summer/early fall of last year, with Ilford 3200 B&W film:

Ivy on Fence

Ivy on wrought-iron fence, early evening, midtown Omaha


Three Happiness

Three Happiness, evening, midtown Omaha


Sara Mugging

Sara mugs while taking a drag, evening, midtown Omaha


my son and i have recently become interested in “toy cameras” — cameras sporting plastic lenses, which yield unpredictable (and often beautiful) results. i’ve been away from film for some time now, regrettably, and it’s been fun to re-learn a little patience — not to mention the fundamentals of composition, lighting, etc. i’ll post pictures as we get them developed, as well as our opinions on film, technique, and ┬áthe cameras themselves.